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Our Signature Mentoring Program

We empower aged-out foster youth & youth from at-risk backgrounds to achieve independence, overcome personal obstacles, and reach their fullest potential.


Yearlong Mentoring Program

A year-long intensive that includes 1,500 to 1,900 hours of Workforce Development Training, Educational Therapy, Mental Health Services and Life Skills Training.


Job Skills

We provide Workforce Development Training and employment in the eight areas of Compassion Planet’s social enterprise environments which include: Deer Creek Farm, Compassion Thrift Stores, Deer Creek Coffee, CP Warehousing, Foster Your Marketing, Project Black Sheep T-Shirt Co., DCF Garden & Market, and Compassion Ranch. These provide a range of on-the-job training skills such as customer service, computer coding, inventory control, sales & marketing, merchandising, digital marketing, client services, warehouse & shipping, event planning, light construction, hospitality, food service, maintenance, animal care, gardening, and more.


Life Skills

In addition to coaching in Workplace Development, we come alongside our trainees teaching whole-life principles such as financial management, decision-making, health, hygiene, communication, nutrition, manners, healthy relationships, character, ethics, and leadership.


Psycho-Educational Therapy

Our clinical social workers train volunteers and staff in Trauma Informed environments along with Trust-Based Relational Intervention in order to work alongside our trainees. We also provide Mental Health services and Educational Therapy with topics such as coping skills, conflict management skills, healthy relational skills, boundaries, emotional intelligence, and personal therapies to achieve wholeness.


Career Pathways Support

Based on interest and aptitude, we mentor, inform, connect, and support our trainees in completing their high school degrees, as well as pursuing college, trade schools, internships, apprenticeships, or career certifications.


Lifelong Aftercare Program

A lifelong program for our graduates that includes Hire Me Next services, quarterly care check-ins, alumni events, coaching, and a Trainee Emergency Fund should obstacles arise.


Hire Me Next

We offer mentoring, support, and coaching to graduated trainees to get their next job or educational pathway for career employment. We are building relationships with local businesses for job openings and opportunities to connect trainees to, as well as building relationships for placement with various internships.


Care Check-ins

We provide lifelong care through quarterly check-ins, designed to create ongoing support through the year. Our goal is to make sure youth stay connected, never spend a holiday alone, and to let them know that we are still available no matter what.


Trainee Emergency Fund

Our Emergency Care Fund is available to support our graduates when an unexpected emergency happens. This may include meeting financial needs, providing educational tools, or personal coaching through the challenging season.


Alumni Events

Graduates of Compassion Planet are invited to come back and take part in 3-4 alumni events throughout the year, which may include a movie night at a local theater, a professional sporting event, a holiday party, a picnic, or a barbecue.

Compassion Ranch


Compassion Ranch, in Newcastle, is a 4.5 acre parcel which boasts a 3,000 square foot shop with an auto lift, over 30 fruit trees, a large chicken coop, a four bedroom home, a ranch manager’s quarters and a large event area. While we are still growing into our vision for Compassion Ranch we are excited about the endless possibilities for the youth we serve. At present, the Ranch is a life skills and trades, training center and it provides affordable living space for up to four youth who have either graduated from our Mentoring Program or are current trainees. We will be launching a capital fund campaign in 2023 in order to upgrade the facilities and programs for Placer County youth. Furthermore, we intend to shape the property into a pristine ranch that makes our community proud.

While we know that Compassion Ranch will take time to grow into, we are excited about the endless possibilities, that may include a hands-on training center, affordable housing for our graduates, a small events area, and a new social enterprise such as a mandarin orchard.

Sacramento Campus


On August 1, 2022, we signed a lease for a 4,200 square foot space in the Sacramento Arden Arcade area and assembled our team. While enlarging our collaborative partners in the area, we opened interviews to youth to form our first Sacramento Mentoring Program cohort.


Our new Sacramento County offices are in the Arden-Arcade area near Watt and Arden. The 4,200 square foot complex features multiple offices, strategic planning space, a large training center, counseling offices, a small kitchenette, and a creativity think tank. We also have plenty of space for multiple social enterprises which will include digital marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses, audio-video services, and an e-commerce store. Along with training, therapy and motivation, the start-up social enterprises will include digital marketing services for small to medium businesses (Foster Your Marketing), as well as video and audio services in another enterprise we are calling Foster Your Voice.


We have just completed the process of building our Sacramento chapter team and our plan is to bring Sacramento-area youth into the program next month. The need is huge in South Placer’s neighboring county and we are looking forward to doing our part in making a difference in the lives of youth who simply need empowerment, family-like love, healthy structures and people to believe in them.  


Our Trainees

Get to Know Us. Stop by one of our Compassion Planet businesses.


Since age 9, Alex was placed in over 26 foster/group homes. In her own words, “Depression, PTSD, anxiety, and bi-polar have taken a huge toll on my life.” She now considers her traumatic experiences a blessing, “as they have made her the woman she is today.” Alex hopes to become an inspiration to other foster youth by writing an auto-biography. She is currently a Mental Health Support Worker.


Jarael joined Compassion Planet at the age of 21 and he flourished in our Mentoring Program. At a young age, he and his eight siblings were separated and taken into the foster care system. While at CP, it didn’t take long to discover that he was an eager and quick learner with a kind heart and a winning smile. His dream was to become an auto mechanic and own a shop someday. Since graduating, Jarael has worked at a couple of local auto dealerships and completed his Auto Mechanic Certs at Sierra College.


Matthew has suffered from depression and PTSD as well as having Asperger’s. He hopes to overcome an abusive past and one day become a therapist so he can help others through their “tough situations.” Today, Matthew continues to work hard at overcoming some of his challenges as he successfully works at a local fastfood chain.


Allison has struggled with anxiety and depression throughout her life. Since working with Compassion Planet, she has gained outstanding social skills and has grown in self-confidence. In her words, Allison “wants to be a voice for those who cannot speak by helping and protecting others.” Soon to graduate, Allison will be pursuing a career in auto-mechanics. Allison is happily married to her teenage sweetheart and she looks forward to starting a family of her own.


Jah’mar was encouraged by his brother to join the Mentoring Program and we are glad he did. We soon discovered his high energy, friendly demeanor and positive attitude was contagious. While in our program he was hosted by an amazing local family who helped Jah’mar reach his dream of getting a football scholarship. He also enrolled at Sierra College and played on their football team. After two years on the squad, his dream came true as he was offered scholarships from multiple colleges. Today, he is finishing his college football career and education in Lousiana.


According to Jasper, “After years of being misunderstood, constantly changing schools and workplaces, Compassion Planet has been an exemplary source of stability, good intentions and socialization for me. I am continually motivated by the good ethics that those at Compassion Planet possess.” Jasper successfully graduated our program after much personal growth. Since then, he has continued to be employed in two retail environments as he successfully pursues his entrepreneurial dreams.


Drug addiction tore apart Adrian’s family, forcing he and his brothers into foster care. At age 18 he reached out for help, got a place of his own, and helped his brother get sober. Now, in his young twenties, Adrian has permanent employment with a local restaurant. Speaking about CP’s Mentoring Program, Adrian says, “people actually care about my well being... If I need help it’s only a phone call away.” Adrian has an outstanding work ethic and we are confidant that he will add value to any place he is employed.


In her own words, Brittany states, “Compassion Planet has taught me to be more positive and to look on the brighter side. I continue trying to live without being so stressed. Being at CP has helped me learn how to relax, take my time, and do the work right.” Since graduating, we are proud to say that Brittany has been employed at a local daycare.


Gambling, alcohol and drugs wreaked havoc on Crystal’s childhood. Entering foster care at age 12, she was in 6 different foster homes by age 18. Crystal appreciates the CP program because it has made her “feel more complete” and has allowed her to “be herself.” Crystal achieved incredible growth in her people skills and self confidence while in our Mentoring Program and now she is flourishing in a large retail environment.


Born in a Sacramento County jail, Joicelyn was a drug baby and separated from her mother at birth. Over the years she has faced her obstacles with an unrelenting, positive attitude. While in our Mentoring Program, she learned to trust people and gained an loving family network who helped prepare her for life’s journey. Joicelyn is expecting her first child and her sole desire is to be an outstanding mother in every imaginable way. CP helped her connect with a program that provides added loving support, housing and training in parenting skills. 


Aimee has dealt with anxiety most of her life. Through the Compassion Planet Mentoring Program, she has become more confident and a little more transparent with safe people. Aimee often shares that some of her weaknesses have become her strengths. After graduating from Compassion Planet, Aimee pursued her dream of becoming a certified Esthetician. We are so proud to see her realize her dream and now she is working in the field in which she has been trained.


Jacob was born as a surviving twin to a drug addicted mother who didn’t get into recovery until he was six. Fortunately, his grandmother was able to provide care for him till his mother rejoined them after her recovery. Jacob has completed an Associates Degree in photography. During his time at Compassion Planet he has enjoyed his friendships with staff and his peer group. In Jacob’s words, the Mentoring Program “has made me much more comfortable communicating with people.” Upon his graduation, Jacob will be working with CP’s Hire Me Next team to help him find his long-term career path.


Matthew has suffered from depression and PTSD as well as having Asperger’s. He hopes to overcome an abusive past and one day become a therapist so he can help others through their “tough situations.” Today, Matthew continues to work hard at overcoming some of his challenges as he successfully works at a local fastfood chain.

There are so many ways you can get involved to empower lives.

Trainee Program Placement

Our drug-free program is for ages 18-24. Potential trainees are referred through social workers, community partners and individuals. If you have someone you would like to refer, please fill out the form below:

This information will be kept confidential and goes directly to the LCSW on staff. They will contact you. 

Thanks for contacting us. Our LCSW on staff will contact you.


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