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Our growing social enterprise, Deer Creek Farm Garden and Market Project, is one of Compassion Planet’s work partners where trainees get experience from Gardening 101 skills to bringing our fruits and vegetables from seed to sales in the Garden Market seasonal store. Compassion Planet’s Garden is designed to enhance our trainees' one-year Mentoring Program experience, by teaching life skills and ownership of weekly responsibilities in a therapeutic environment. The Garden builds connections with our community through volunteer opportunities and serves as a fundraiser which helps facilitate the mission for the at-risk youth we serve.

Compassion Planet has agricultural approval with Placer County and USDA for producing seasonal harvests for public consumption. Along with learning durable skills, trainees find the outdoor setting to have therapeutic benefits as well. We also involve the trainees in construction projects, pop up sales, planting and designing holiday gifts and merchandise throughout the year.

Deer Creek Farm: About


Monday - Saturday
10am - 5pm




5465 Pacific Street | Rocklin, CA 95677


Deer Creek Farm: Opening Hours


If you'd like to volunteer with us or would like more information on volunteer opportunities, please visit our volunteer page. 

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